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We have been trying since Sep.. with Ken it was one time shot and BINGO we hit the jackpot.. However, this TTC#2 takes us longer.. it has been upsetting especially when we first try in Sept, oh boy, were we doing "it" as a revenge! Since my menses is irregular, we cover every other day from day 16th to day 29th from LMP.. to no avail!

The following cycle, we are really burnt out.. and we just did it on one day.. and i'm so the impatient that we went to test with a negative.. but, i thot mabbe can test again few days later, only to hv my menses come the VERY next day.. sigh..

This time, i chart properly and counted and counted.. watching my mucus very closely and did twice just in case.. and i'm happy to say that we tested with this results:

Now, we have to wait to make an appointment with our OB/gynae to really confirm everything.. however i will hold my breath til week 12th.. and i hope this time, i wun make the toilet bowl my best fren..

Today, suddenly i have a realisation.. last week, ken was extra playful.. he suckle for 1 min and ran away! He has never done that.. for 2 consecutive nites.. i wonder issit he's the first to know i'm preggie? and sensing it thru the taste of my BM? and, after 2 nites, he may conclude that, "ahh.. i might as well get use to the taste".. heh.. is this the mark of my tandem nursing adventures? am i courageous enough? or shd i wean him for good? Let's see..

~ Biow