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Wenn's 2nd Birthday

birthday card done by Ken kor kor
some drawings on the right, words on left written by mommy, dotted by Ken

pre-party.. lemme play with my cars first
2 years old - car craze phase

This is how I look 2 days before my actual birth date
This is how Ken looks 2 days before Wenn's actual birth date

mommy and ken and wenn
store bought eeyore cake - mommy too lazy to bake.. :P

Are we done with photos taking? so boring..
mabbe I should try blowing the candles

finally can blow
cut the cake

more photos..
     still more

I'm two..
mommy added the lights digitally.. heh

should be like this
more photos

with nai nai
nai nai and xiao shu

that's it.. i'm going to wriggle away..
presents revealed..

what's this?
daddy taking the parts out


cool present, ya?

look at that.. the car-elevator!
can continue one..

*wheee*.. up again!
lemme see can go reverse..

bumblebee and optimus prime for wenn.. the decepticon airplane for ken..
"reward" for mommy and daddy..