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Wenn's 1st Birthday

Chug-a-Chug a Choo Choo.. baked by mommy
mommy so proud of the cake.. :P

food.. bought, of cos!.. mommy can't cook to save her life
presents.. though less but we love you no less..

this is the only photo that can see a glimpse of his new sandals! My mom's believe is that a child can only wear shoes when he/she turns ONE.. dun ask me why.
birthday boy making his wishes..

why both looking at another camera?!
presents revealed..

"car" bought by daddy.. men and wheels.. dun ask me why..
wenn just woke up and mommy put him on his new car before kor kor wakes up and mess! *blur* look

finally warmed up! *vroom*
"kor kor, i take u for a ride, ok?"

mommy & birthday boy..
kor kor with his "car" from kor kor's 1st birthday!

birthday boy & ah ma..

my family