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My Skills


Date Age I can..
22-11-2005 3m 8d hold my head straight
03-12-2005 3m 19d suck my own thumb
14-12-2005 4m 0d sleep thru the night (10pm-4/5am).. pls, pls continue.. (no more.. now is 9pm-3am) :(
22-12-2005 4m 8d roll from back to front
11-02-2006 5m 28d roll from front to back
12-02-2006 5m 29d eat solids - rice cereal
18-03-2006 7m 4d move to sitting from crawling position
20-03-2006 7m 6d crawled forward a few steps!
02-04-2006 7m 19d pull myself up to standing position
05-04-2006 7m 22d cruise holding on to the sofa
07-04-2006 7m 24d sleep with dino kor (their own bedroom)
15-05-2006 9m 1d I cut my first tooth *ouch* (left lower central insicor)
20-05-2006 9m 6d 2nd tooth (right lower central insicor)
14-06-2006 10m 0d pull myself up to standing position and let go
18-06-2006 10m 4d dip in swimming pool for the first time
18-06-2006 10m 4d hold milk bottle by myself
19-06-2006 10m 5d drink frozen EBM for the first time
04-07-2006 10m 20d put baby bites biscuit into my mouth using my fingers
07-07-2006 10m 23d stack-up same-sized ring tower
26-07-2006 11m 12d climb up sofa safely
01-08-2006 11m 18d climb down sofa safely
13-08-2006 11m 30d clap my hands
14-08-2006 1y 0m 0d 3rd tooth (right upper central insicor)
21-08-2006 1y 0m 7d 4th tooth (left upper central insicor)
02-09-2006 1y 0m 19d 5th tooth (right lower lateral insicor)
14-09-2006 1y 1m 0d walk independently!!
30-10-2006 1y 2m 16d self spoon-feed yoghurt
25-11-2006 1y 3m 11d 6th tooth (right upper lateral insicor)
16-12-2006 1y 4m 2d 7th tooth (left upper lateral insicor)
25-12-2006 1y 4m 11d 8th tooth (left lower lateral insicor)
25-12-2006 1y 4m 11d sleep in toddler bed
26-12-2006 1y 4m 12d say "no" - first word!
09-04-2007 1y 7m 26d 9th tooth (right lower cuspid)
25-04-2007 1y 8m 11d 10th tooth (right upper first molar), 11th tooth (left upper first molar)
04-05-2007 1y 8m 20d 12th tooth (right upper cuspid)
16-05-2007 1y 9m 2d 13th tooth (right upper cuspid)
22-05-2007 1y 9m 8d call "Mommy"
01-06-2007 1y 9m 18d 14th tooth (right lower first molar), 15th tooth (left lower cuspid), 16th tooth (left lower first molar)
16-06-2007 1y 10m 2d Wenn's first movie in cinema - Shrek3
16-09-2007 2y 1m 2d pee standing up
17-03-2008 2y 7m 3d diaperless at night