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Biow's TTC#2 Pregnancy Calendar


Presumed Conception Date: 04-Dec-2004    Estimated Due Date: 27-Aug-2005

previous        AUGUST 2005       

1 36w+2d

Your baby is practicing blinking.

2 36w+3d

Even in the last month of pregnancy, sex can be fun.

3 36w+4d


4 36w+5d


5 36w+6d


6 37w+0d

80% of women deliver between now and the 42nd week.

7 37w+1d

Baby is getting rounder every day, and skin is getting pinker and losing its wrinkly appearance.

8 37w+2d


9 37w+3d

S'pore National Day*

10 37w+4d

Visit no-9

  • i put on 12kg (lost some weight!)
  • baby is 2.9kg
  • my tummy is 100cm!
11 37w+5d

If you experience vaginal spotting or bleeding at this time, let your practitioner know.

12 37w+6d

Your body is already preparing for breastfeeding.

13 38w+0d

Congratulations - Your baby is now officially full term.

14 38w+1d

Hullo World!! Born at 8:14pm

15 38w+2d


16 38w+3d


17 38w+4d


18 38w+5d


19 38w+6d


20 39w+0d


21 39w+1d


22 39w+2d


23 39w+3d


24 39w+4d


25 39w+5d


26 39w+6d


27 40w+0d


28 40w+1d

Newborn jaundice can begin to develop 24 hours after birth.

29 40w+2d

If you go beyond your due date, talk to your doctor about extra precautions you may need to take.

30 40w+3d

You can expect your breast milk to "come in" about 2-5 days after birth.

31 40w+4d